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This page provides you with the latest on what is happening in the Edmonton Board Gaming League (EBGL). To receive the League newsletters or get access to the community forums, you will need to register for league play.

2016 EBGL Award Winners and Season End!

Oct 29, 2016

The 2016 Edmonton Board Gaming League season officially ended on October 14th and this year's award winners were announced during the October 28th awards ceremony event. On behalf of the entire club and our sponsors, we'd like to congratulate the following members on their awards:

2016 League Champion (highest league rating) - Callan B & Michael F (tied!)
2016 Third Place - (third highest league rating) - Chris F
2016 Rookie of the Year - Chris S
2016 Most Tournaments Won (most tournament event wins) - Callan B
2016 Most Achievements Earned (most club/game achievements earned) - Jim C
2016 Most Improved Player (most improved league rating) - Callan B
2016 Highest Win-Loss Percentage - Chris F
2016 Most Second Place Wins - Newson L
2016 Most Member Referrals - Sean S
2016 Best Snacks - (as voted by our members) - Shawn T

Despite the economic downturn, this was another amazing season for the EBGL, with an increase in the number of special events and overall cash and awards back to our members. As always, huge thanks to our primary (gold) sponsor: Mission: Fun & Games for supporting us!

Game-A-Lot 2016!

Oct 23, 2016

Huge thanks to all of our members who came out to support the 2016 Game-A-Lot charity fundraiser in St. Albert this weekend!

Overall, we hosted at least 21 different games across 4 tables in a 14 hour period!

Also, congratulations to the Gamealot committee this year on such a successful event - very well organized and executed! Thanks for making it so easy for us!

Splendor Domination 2016 Tournament Results!

Oct 16, 2016

We had 20 players enter the EBGL's 2016 Splendor "Domination" (single elimination) tournament on Oct 14th and only one winner emerged...

Congrats to Patrick C for winning first place and Michael F for winning second place after just 3 rounds.

Both Patrick and Michael walked away with some nice gift certificates to Mission: Fun & Games. Congrats also to Chris S and Sean S for winning the 2 door prizes!

Thanks to all of our members who brought copies of the game and snacks. This was probably our quietest tournament on record - everyone was so focused.

EBGL's 2016 Dominiation Tournament Announced!

Oct 11, 2016

On Friday, October 14th the EBGL will be hosting it's annual Pay to Enter (PTE), single-elimination tournament. This year the organizers have selected a new game...Splendor!

Note: this is the final scored event of the 2016 season!

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