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This page provides you with the latest on what is happening in the Edmonton Board Gaming League (EBGL). To receive the League newsletters or get access to the community forums, you will need to register for league play.

Ground Floor Tournament Results!

Jul 31, 2016

The Ground Floor tournament ended on July 22nd with first place tied between Callan B and Michael F with 10 points (2W,0S,1P,2T,0L,0GW) over the three days. Second place went to Rob D with 8 points (1W,1S,1P,2T,0L,0GW)

As always, huge thanks to those who brought (or dropped off) snacks and purchased copies of the games to help make this tournament successful!

EBGL's ThematiCON 2016 Announced!

Jul 10, 2016

The EBGL is very excited to announce it's new Fall Special Event: ThematiCON!

This new tabletop tournament event will debut in Fall 2016 and will be focused on games from a particular theme chosen by the organizers each year. The event also boasts a new (slightly more complex) registration system that not only allows members to help build the event, but ensures sufficient copies of each game are available!

Registration for the 2016 ThematiCON opens on Sunday, August 21st. Full details are posted in the forums, here.

Member Registration is OPEN again!

Jun 13, 2016

After a brief 5 month closure due to a massive influx of applicants at the start of the season, the organizers have decided to once again open member registration.

If you are interested in applying to become a member, click here

Castles of Mad King Ludwig Tournament Results!

Jun 01, 2016

The Castles of Mad King Ludwig tournament ended on May 27th with first place tied between Chris F and Callan B with 10 points (2W,0S,1P,2T,0L,0GW) over the three days. Second place was tied between Lauren R(2W,0S,0P,2T,0L,0GW) and Shawn R(1W,1S,1P,2T,0L,0GW) with 8 points.

As always, thanks to everyone who brought copies of the game, snacks, and helped make the tournament successful!

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