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This page provides you with the latest on what is happening in the Edmonton Board Gaming League (EBGL). To receive the League newsletters or get access to the community forums, you will need to register for league play.

London (2nd Edition) Tournament Results!

Feb 22, 2020

The London (2nd Edition) tournament ended on February 21st with first place going to a 3-way tie between Jim C, Mark H, and Sean S with 10 points (2W,0S,1P,2T,0L,0GW) over the three days. Second place was a 5-way tie between Michael F, Peter H, Rob D, Shawn R, and Tammy L with 8 points (1W,1S,1P,2T,0L,0GW).

Thanks so much to everyone who scrambled to purchase game copies online to help make this tournament successful!

2020 Point Pentathlon Results!

Feb 17, 2020

Citius, Altius, Fortius!

We had 15 members attend our biennial, 2020 Point Pentathlon (Olympic) event on Saturday, February 15th and, after 9 hours and five different, point-based games plus one Dexterity game challenge, the medal counts resulted in the following standings:

Gold Medal (1st Place): Chris S
Silver Medal (2nd Place): Jim C
Bronze Medal (3rd Place): Randal P
Most Dexterous Player: Shawn T

(From left to right: Jim C, Chris S, Randal P)

2020 Season Kick-Off!

Jan 14, 2020

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well the 2020 Season is in full swing and we start with almost a full roster. We do still have a couple seats open, so feel free to register if you're feeling lucky and you like to have fun! :)

For the first time ever we kicked off the season with an Open Gaming night, which was a fun and more relaxing way to start things off. The first focus game of the year (as seeded by Richard F) and voted on by our members is London (2nd Edition)

Anyway, best of luck to all of our members on the roster this year - I have a feeling this will be the best season yet!

2019 EBGL Awards and Season End!

Nov 23, 2019

The 2019 Edmonton Board Gaming League season officially ended on November 8th and this year's award winners were announced during the November 22nd awards ceremony event. On behalf of the entire club and our sponsors, we'd like to congratulate the following members on their awards this year:

2019 League Champion (highest league rating) - Michael F
2019 Second Place (third highest league rating) - Rob D
2019 Third Place (third highest league rating) - Chris S
2019 Rookie of the Year - Adam A
2019 Most Outstanding Player (best demonstrates the qualities and behaviours of the League) - Lance P
2019 Most Achievements Earned (most club/game achievements earned) - Lance P, Michael F, and Shawn R
2019 Most Improved Player (most improved league rating) - Steven L
2019 Highest Win-Loss Percentage - Jim C
2019 Most Second Place Wins - Lance P, Patrick C, Randal P, and Shawn T
2019 Most Member Referrals - Rob D
2019 Best Snacks - (as voted by our members) - Shauna D

2019 was a challenging year for the board gaming industry, brick & mortar gaming stores, and even our league as this is the first season in almost 10 years that we haven't been able to keep a 100% full roster. Regardless, we still had a really fun year with lots of member support and strong attendance numbers. As always, huge thanks to our primary (gold) sponsor: Mission: Fun & Games for all the support!


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